Stylish Exterior
360° Exterior

Cheetah-like front face

It looks like a cheetah and the appearance originates from the biomimetic design aesthetics, injecting the life vitality and dynamic tension into your driving.

Full LED light group

The front headlamp is integrated with the body waistline, presenting a stronger visual effect. The successively lightened turn signal lamp shows the ultimate sense of technology and luxury.

19-inch high-quality wheel hub

245/45 R19 super wide flat tire has greatly expanded the contact area between the tire and the ground. The shorter braking distance can be assured whether on the dry or the wet road.

Aircraft-grade surround digital technology module

Three screen surround design and the synchronous multi-task interaction have created the strong sense of technology.

Panoramic sunroof

You can say only one sentence to open the sunroof. The vision will be much broadened.

Ecological Nappa leather seat

The seat adopts Nappa craft which is extremely strict with the raw material. The fine and smooth touch has shown the pursuit of high quality of ix5. The luxury brand CHANEL has also widely used this craft.

Aircraft-type electric shift lever

It adopts the design of the space shuttle shift lever which is unique and comfort. You will feel like seating in a space shuttle.

360TGDI engine

Its maximum power is 170kW and the maximum torque is 355 N•m. The surging power will increase your driving pleasure.

Vehicle configuration