GLORY Ix5 Euro VI technical training for korean distributor
Brand Dynamic

In order to implement the core values of "all for the user" and promote the "upward" sustainable development of overseas markets, DFSK has launched a two-way training model. On December 4, twelve technicians and service providers of South Korea's CK Company arrived in Chongqing to carry out a three-day Glory ix5 Euro VI technical training.

In this training, the explanation of UP8 engine management system, sensor and actuator detection, VT5 transmission structure maintenance explanation and disassembly, electrical configuration learning, simulation troubleshooting, common failure analysis, field troubleshooting, etc. The trainees cherish this training opportunity, and the teaching interaction effect is obvious. Intuitively understand the vehicle structure of the new model, which will quickly improve the terminal's after-sales service capability and the vehicle's first-pass repair rate.

In the end, General Manager Zhang Xingyan issued training completion certificates for 12 students, and emphasized that South Korea, as a high-end market in Asia, Glory ix5 can successfully enter and gain a firm foothold, which is enough to prove the strength of SOKON GROUP. It is hoped that after returning to Korea, they will use the technology they have learned to serve the market and provide a solid backing for sales, so that Glory ix5 can continue to develop in the Korean market with high quality, and also disseminate to the end users a high-quality, responsible corporate image.