Celebrate the sales volume of DFSK in South America market exceeding 10000 in 2019
Brand Dynamic

  On the morning of November 28, a cargo ship full of DFSK brand cars set sail from Tangjiatuo Wharf in Chongqing, heading for South America, which is far away from China. This is the first time that the sales volume of DFSK Americas business area in a single year (2019) has exceeded 10000 vehicles. It's also Thanksgiving Day on the 28th. The 10000th departure ceremony held on such a special day is a kind of special gratitude and thanks from DFSK to its partners and users in the American market, and also a manifestation of DFSK's firm confidence in the global automobile market.

  DFSK has worked together with its partners in the American market for more than ten years. Since the first car was exported, the high-quality micro truck have been recognized and loved by users in South America. In 2017, DFSK introduced the group's star products, Glory 580 and Glory 560, into the key markets in South America, such as Colombia, Peru and Chile. The addition of SUV products helped DFSK improve its brand and sales volume in the American market. In 2019, DFSK took the lead in introducing the group's important strategic model, Glory Ix5, into Peru, and the new coupe SUV products opened up more opportunities for the American market. By the end of November, the sales volume in the American market exceeded 10000 in 2019, and Glory 580 ranked first among seven SUVs of Chinese brands in Peru and Chile. Such sales performance and market ranking are the trust and appreciation of DFSK users in the Americas.

  Before the rising sales data, DFSK is also constantly giving back to users. The quality service month has been successively carried out in Chile, Colombia, Peru and other countries, serving users with integrity and care. Not only for this, but also in the network channel, the new terminal stores or service centers have widened the scope of sales and service, allowing users to have closer contact with DFSK products, and helping users solve after-sales problems in a timely manner.

  In the future, DFSK will continue to take the core values of "all for users" as the guidance, and return the global users with better products and services.