DFSK Held SUV Special Technical Training in South America
Brand Dynamic

To implement the core value “User-Centric” and promote the “upward” and continuous development of overseas markets, on June 3, 2019, DFSK held the 6-day SUV special technical training in Peru for technical staff from six South American countries (Peru, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Bolivia).

This training focuses on Glory ix5, taking Glory 580 and 560 as supplementary, to introduce the structure and maintenance of the engine (SFG15T and SFG18) and transmission (5MT, 6MT, RDC18 and VT3), engine management system and vehicle electricals. Practical operation and FAQ were made on-site. Technical staff participating in this training course valued this opportunity very much, and the teaching interaction has made a lot of achievements.

Through this training, after learning the structure of DFSK new models, maintenance staff will improve the terminal after-sales service capability and the first-pass yield of maintenance. It will become the strong support of market sales and promote the brand image with good service and great responsibility.